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Our spaces:


Butterfly room

Our indoor spaces are designed to be flexible, with a range of creative resources that can be used in different ways.


For example, if a child wants to role play ice cream van, we will encourage them to create the resources they need to play this imaginative role, rather than bring out a plastic ice cream toy.

At this time, indoor spaces and toys are being extensively cleaned between sessions to ensure Covid safety.  

The Garden 

Our outdoor classroom space is a key learning environment for our children at St Gabriel's and a much loved space with many happy memories.

We have recently resurfaced our outdoor flooring, investing in our facility for years to come.

The Pre-School is blessed to have an enormous store of toys and play facilities that are in constant rotation, giving children a stimulating and engaging learning environment. This supports our key curricula areas.

We love to see how much joy the children take from being in this space, and how much it builds their independence to try new play activities alongside other children.

St G's outdoor.jpg

Caterpillar room

Our indoor rooms are always being repurposed into new imaginative settings led by the children's interests and creative play.

When you visit St Gabriel's, you will see lots of activities taking place, with children in the lead in coming up with new forms of play.


We are currently in the process of transitioning out some of our legacy resources to newer, wooden toys and tools, which are safer and better at stimulating imaginative play. 

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