​Starting Out

Starting Out is a multi award-winning programme that is a great resource used by Early Years settings, Children’s Centres and the reception year of Schools. 

It supports parents to get involved with their child’s development by borrowing fun Activity Sacks.

Starting Out promotes the use of the home as a learning environment and encourages parents to get involved with their child’s development through these simple activities.

Starting Out for Early Years

The Pre-School setting offers families an opportunity to borrow Activity Sacks to take home and use together.  Each sack, designed as a low/no-cost activity promotes parental involvement in using the home as a learning environment for their child.  These shared experiences can be recorded for children to share with their peers in the Early Years setting they attend.

Activity Sacks for Early Years

There are 15 Activity Sacks available for Early Years settings, suitable for children aged 2-4.  Each Activity Sack includes everything you need for the activity, an Activity Card containing specific suggestions and an exercise book, in which parents or children can record what they did with the Activity Sack. 


  • All families attending the setting can access the programme.

  • Parents are encouraged to try low/no-cost activities with their children in or around the home which can be replicated with household items or toys once the Activity Sack is returned.

  • The child’s development is maximised through the use of the home as a learning environment.

  • Parents are given knowledge and ideas on what to do with their child.

  • Attachment is built between parent and child as they spend quality time together.

  • Parents have an opportunity to learn more about children’s brain development from 0-5 years and the important role they play.

  • Parents have an increased understanding of why children behave the way they do.  Advice on behaviour management and schemas is available.

  • The programme provides an opportunity for peer-to-peer support for parents.

"Research consistently shows that what parents do with their children at home is far more important to their achievement than their social class or level of education."


Professor Charles Desforges with Alberto Abouchaar (2003)
‘The impact of parental involvement, parental support and family education on pupil achievements and adjustment’

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