Do you have any spaces available in the Pre-School?

Yes, we have spaces for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Do you offer free places for 2,3 and 4 year olds?


Yes, we are able to offer up to 15 hours per week for your child. Please visit out 'Funding' pages on this site for more information.

Is there a uniform and where can I get it?


Uniform is optional but we have St Gabriel's t shirts, each child gets one free when joining. Extra t shirts can be purchased from the office at St Gabriel's at a cost of £3 each.

What are the qualifications of the staff?

Please visit the 'Our Team' page to see the qualifications of all staff at St Gabriel's.


When is the Pre-School open?


The Pre-School is open 08:30- 18:00, Monday to Friday (During term time).

How many staff will there be and what is the staff/child ratio?


We have 9 staff members at present. The Ofsted ratios are:


- Age 2: One staff member to four children

- Ages 3 & 4: One staff member to eight children

Although these are the guidelines, we try to keep a 1-4 ratio across all age ranges.

What activities will my child be accessing?


A wide range of indoor and outdoor equipment to enhance their learning and development.

Do you provide snack?


We provide a healthy mid morning and afternoon snack, with children's dietary needs taken into consideration.


We sometimes ask parents to provide fruit and vegetables during the week if they are able to do so.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained before they can start?

No, we will work with you when you're ready to toilet train.

We ask that parents send nappies, wipes and creams etc. in a bag for each child. We are part of The 'Potty Training Academy'


My child has a disability, can they still attend Pre-School?

Yes, we are very inclusive at St Gabriel's and will adapt where we can to enable all to attend.

Please contact us to enable us to work with you in meeting the needs of your child before joining the Pre-School.

We have named Special Educational Needs Coordinator and can provide 1:1 care where appropriate.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Spare clothes (In case they get wet) Spare nappies (if needed) and a pair of welly boots for walks or outside learning. Lunch boxes if attending for Lunch.


Can my child stay for lunch?

Yes, lunch boxes will be needed if attending for lunch, FYI we are a chocolate and nut free Pre-School.

See our 'Suggestions for lunch boxes' in our prospectus.

Can my child bring their favourite toy/comforter with them?

Yes, if your child needs a comforter then they should bring it to Pre-School with them. When they feel settled and do not need their comforter they will be encouraged to put it safely in their drawer. They can then access it when and if they need it.

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